Culdcept Revolt Wiki
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Magic is a key mechanic of Culdcept Revolt.


Your Current Magic is the currency you use in a match to play cards, upgrade territories, and pay tolls to the other Cepters. it's also known as "G".

Total Magic[]

The combined total of your Current Magic, the value of your territories, and the value of your Element Gems is known as Total Magic.

How to Increase Total Magic[]

To win a match, you must raise your Total Magic to meet the Magic Goal.

Increase Territories[]

You can deploy a creature on a vacant land to make it your territory. As you gain more territories, your Total magic will increase by each territory's land value.

Raise Land Value[]

If you use the "Land Level Up" Territory Command to increase the level of your territory, both its land value and your Total Magic will increase.

Taking Toll Fees[]

When an enemy Cepter stops on your territory, you can take their magic as a toll fee.

Purchasing Element Gems[]

When you purchase an Element Gem, the value of that Gem is added to your Total Magic. If you increase the value of the Element Gem, your Total Magic will increase as well.

Round Magic[]

You will gain a small amount of magic (19G + number of the current round) at the beginning of every turn.

Gain Gate Bonuses and Lap Bonuses[]

You can gain bonuses by passing through gates you have not passed through yet, and by passing through every gate to complete a lap.