Culdcept Revolt Wiki
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Match Rules govern the gameplay in Culdcept Revolt.

Land Chain[]

If you own 2 or more territories with the same element, they will make a chain. By making a chain, the land value and toll fee will increase for all your territories of that element.

Land Effect[]

When a creature's element is the same as the land it's deployed to, the creature receives (land level x10) bonus HP during battle, making it more difficult for your opponents to destroy it.

Insufficient Magic[]

If a toll fee or spell effect causes your Current Magic to go below 0, you must sell territories or Element Gems until you have at least 0 G.

Magic Depletion (Bankruptcy)[]

When the value of all your territories and Element Gems is still not enough to raise your Current Magic to 0, it is known as Magic Depletion. All of your territories and Element Gems will be taken away, and you will start over with (Lap Bonus x 1.5) Magic.